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My foundation

For more than 10 years I have known Martin's enthusiasm and passion for students and universities which has been inspiring to me and this quote seems so fitting for him as the professional mentor and friend he has been to me. "We rise by lifting others.”

Simone Garske, CEO at Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital Foundation

I am committed to help others reach their potential through the transformative capacity of knowledge and education. I have pioneered programs of staff giving at QUT and Griffith and grown fundraising programs that allowed donors to provide scholarships.

I am committed to giving back from my own earnings and wealth, and I seek to persuade others to support giving to programs that change people's lives by learning.

I welcome the opportunity to connect my work, my business and my thought leadership in empathy and empathetic leadership, with my foundation which is called Empaticus Foundation. I would be delighted to explore how we could work on this together.

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