I am keen to explore the topics that I have been passionate about for over 40 years working in universities around the world. These topics are knowledge development and its application, equity in work places and in education, engagement of universities with business, government and communities, and journeys of personal development into empathetic leadership.

I share my thoughts on a number of these topics here through my blog Empaticus, through podcasts, video recordings and writings. The collection below are some of my recent contributions, which I will continuously update.  I hope you find them interesting and useful.  I welcome your reactions, feedback and engagement with any or all of them.

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HEDx Episode 32: Guy Littlefair, PVC International at Auckland University of Technology joins HEDx to share insights into transitions between university and business environments and the importance of partnerships. He gives great pointers to how universities and businesses can best work together in addressing local and global issues. In the week that Mark Scott takes over at the University of Sydney, and foreshadows a focus on partnerships, forging them is emerging as a priority for all in the sector.


HEDx Episode 31: This episode has Margaret Sheil join the HEDx team to outline where QUT is up to in refreshing its blueprint strategy. As the university with the most well known brand position in Australia, promoting that in a post-COVID era is a priority for Margaret as VC. She outlines where a significant organisational change is up to and how the focus now is on rebuilding the culture at QUT to allow the strategy to be delivered, and her concern for staff in adapting to change. The episode illustrates the importance of alignment of brand and strategy. And it demonstrates clearly the critically important place of culture shaping, alongside leadership development, in allowing a brand and strategy to be delivered and experienced.


Thriving Minds Episode 52: Leadership under crisis starts with the leaders' Thriving Mind. In this episode, Professor Martin Betts, who has decades of experience in Leadership, joins me to discuss how effective leadership begins with ourselves, this allows others to mirror our behaviour.

Thriving Minds Episode 57. The gift of feedback in leadership. Using neuroscience to create thriving minds and thriving leaders. Encouraging a culture of feedback is vital to increasing performance and engagement in the workplace.   Feedback can become a gift that uncovers infinite opportunities for learning and growth. It starts with asking questions.


HEDx Episode 30:

This interview with the new Chair of our peak body Universities Australia, sees Vice Chancellor of La Trobe John Dewar assess how we are doing as a sector and interpret the gauntlet thrown at us by Minister Tudge in his recent speech. John gives a rich picture of the complexity of the commercialisation and campus return issues. His message to the sector, in one of his first public statements as UA Chair, is to pay tribute to the culture change and skills development that has taken place sector-wide whilst recognising how much further there is still to travel.


HEDx Episode 29: 

This episode has Karl and Martin joined by Professor Lynn Bosetti of UBC in Canada who gives insights into how Australian leaders in universities encounter academic workforces using incivility as behaviour to resist change and attempts at strategic direction. She draws on experience in both countries as an academic leader and her research of VCs and Deans around the world, to outline how the emotional labour of leading universities is exposed to smart bullying upwards by independent academics that has accentuated during the pandemic.


A webinar with my colleague Kerryn Fewster and Business Depot regarding readiness for business continuity with a focus on ambiguity, clarity and leadership based on trust and empathy.