I am keen to explore the topics that I have been passionate about for over 40 years working in universities around the world. These topics are knowledge development and its application, equity in work places and in education, engagement of universities with business, government and communities, and journeys of personal development into empathetic leadership.

I share my thoughts on a number of these topics here through my blog Empaticus, through podcasts, video recordings and writings. The collection below are some of my recent contributions, which I will continuously update.  I hope you find them interesting and useful.  I welcome your reactions, feedback and engagement with any or all of them.

Recent Articles
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HEDx Episode 1: An introduction to hosts Professor Martin Betts and Karl Treacher, along with a very interesting interview with one of Australia’s leading experts on CSR and responsible management, Macquarie Business School's Dr Debbie Haski-Leventhal.

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HEDx  Episode 4: This episode covers the needs and capability of the higher education sector to revise strategy and Professor Betts talks with VP of Strategy and Development at Latrobe University Natalie McDonald

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HEDx Episode 7:This episode explores how the early attempts by some universities to differentiate on the basis of digital and online delivery of programs has been a gap largely closed this year as all universities responded to COVID by going online. We are joined by Jane den Hollander who as VC of Deakin led their differentiated digital strategy for years and as VC at UWA for part of 2020 led a traditional GO8 to replicate that approach. This episode argues for all universities to explore how to differentiate and what it takes to stand out in the pack.

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HEDx Episode 2: On this episode Professor Betts and Karl Treacher explore leadership in higher education and interview one of Australia's longest serving leaders in the sector, former VC from QUT and former RMIT Chancellor Dennis Gibson.

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HEDx Episode 3: This episode steps into the world of the university student, and contrasts the shift in higher education experience from North America to Australia, and from 2019 - 2020.

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HEDx Episode 5: In this episode, Martin and Karl explore issues of alignment and realignment within universities. The need at this time for effective systems leadership is illustrated through an interview with Professor Aleks Subic STEM DVC and VP of Digital Innovation at RMIT who makes a call for innovation in partnerships.

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HEDx Episode 8: In this Episode Martin and Karl continue their chat with Jane den Hollander and face into the need for universities to create and curate healthy, effective, strategy-driving culture.

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HEDx Episode 6: The time has come for universities to become expert in an area of traditional weakness. Culture. In this episode we are joined by Professor Sally Kift and explore the mental health challenges students are facing and how university culture needs to respond.


HEDx Episode 9: In this episode, noted commentator and policy analyst Andrew Norton joins Karl and Martin in the first HEDx episode in association with the leading educational publication Campus Review. Now more certainty is emerging in the sector with regard to funding, policy and how universities can operate in the new year, this is the time for a strategic reset.


HEDx Episode 10: Pascale Quester of Swinburne University of Technology joins the HEDx podcast at the end of her first 100 days as Vice Chancellor. She reflects on how all universities have the chance to leave the peloton and make the run to their own finish line based on an assessment of how they are shaped for the competition they want to compete in. The HEDx Health Check is also launched to help each university in the sector measure how it is placed to compete.


HEDx Episode 11: Leading commentator on the changing perspectives of young Australians and the future of work Jan Owen AM joins Martin and Karl to reflect on the acceleration that has occurred in trends for young people and their work futures and the implications for our universities. The winners will be those that adapt quickest and develop their staff capabilities and connections with partners that allow them to be 21st Century fit.


HEDx Episode 12: In this episode, Professor Barney Glover VC at Western Sydney University outlines his assessment of where the sector is up to and how WSU is looking to sharpen its approach to respond to the needs of partners and its communities. He also pays tribute to the extraordinary efforts of WSU staff in the most challenging of years. 


Professor Martin Betts and Professor Michael Rosemann introduce the three learning disorders of knowledge, experience and consciousness. They interview Professor Donna Pendergast, the leading educational researcher, who adds her own interpretation of their concept of educational well-being as the driver of the new learning economy.  

Leading through crisis, a conversation with Professor Selena Bartlett, Neuroscientist.

The importance of maintaining brain health as we navigate the post-COVID 19 world.

Leadership under crisis starts with the leaders' Thriving Mind. In this episode, Professor Martin Betts, who has decades of experience in Leadership, joins me to discuss how effective leadership begins with ourselves, this allows others to mirror our behaviour.


A webinar with my colleague Kerryn Fewster and Business Depot regarding readiness for business continuity with a focus on ambiguity, clarity and leadership based on trust and empathy.

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