I am keen to explore the topics that I have been passionate about for over 40 years working in universities around the world. These topics are knowledge development and its application, equity in work places and in education, engagement of universities with business, government and communities, and journeys of personal development into empathetic leadership.

I share my thoughts on a number of these topics here through my blog Empaticus, through podcasts, video recordings and writings. The links below are to all of my recent contributions, which I will continuously update.  I hope you find them interesting and useful.  I welcome your reactions, feedback and engagement with any or all of them.

Empaticus Blog
Campus Review Articles and HEDx Podcast Episodes
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A webinar with my colleague Kerryn Fewster and Business Depot regarding readiness for business continuity with a focus on ambiguity, clarity and leadership based on trust and empathy.