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I have worked with coaches and mentors for more than 30 years including 3 formal coaches.

I have acted as a formal mentor as part of Women in Leadership, academic development and leadership development programs in 3 continents.

I have a leadership style that is based on coaching through asking questions and giving and seeking feedback.

I have participated in formal leadership development programs including the Senior Leaders Program of the Institute for Strategic Leadership.

I look forward to exploring the opportunity for me to offer a coaching or mentoring capacity and capability in your organisation and with you.

As the chair of BSB, Martin was my direct boss and turned out to be one of the most empowering bosses I have ever had. Martin has the ability to guide people without making them feel like he is giving them instruction. He listens and asks questions and in doing so he challenges people to be their best.

Janine Watson , CEO of Business South Bank

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