My work with Karl Treacher, as co-founders of HEDx, provides advisory services to higher education leaders and their executives to change higher education for good. HEDx offers insights and consulting services that guide universities and higher education institutions to provide transformed, sustainable, and reputation-enhancing student, staff and partner experiences.

We maintain a resource centre at HEDx and publish a podcast series in association with the Campus Review called The Higher Education Experience which you can subscribe to on Spotify or Apple or access through Campus Review Radio. HEDx is focussed on the changing landscape of higher education.


The podcast investigates views, opinions and experiences across the sector. Every episode has an academic or professional staff guest or an industry leader to share their thoughts as the sector moves through these unprecedented times.

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HEDx has launched a health check to self assess strategy and culture in higher education institutions in these times of disruption and transformation. We invite you to download it from here.  We encourage university leaders to complete the five top level questions as a self assessment of your current position and to contact HEDx to explore how to use it to develop transformation programs in your university.